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Supporting the Providers Who Support Our Members

Thank you for visiting our Provider Resource page. This area is designed to assist you with quickly finding information regarding the SlateRx Pharmacy Benefit Management Program. We are committed to improving our member and provider service offerings and welcome your feedback, suggestions, and concerns.

Provider Specific Resources

If you are a participating pharmacy or provider with feedback, questions or a complaint related to SlateRx benefits, eligibility, or formulary information, please contact SlateRx at or 1-888-915-9135.

If you are a participating pharmacy or provider with feedback or questions related to pharmacy network participation or would like to submit a pricing appeal, complaint or dispute, please contact SlateRx at or 1-888-915-9135.

To complete our online prescriber survey, please click here.

Tennessee Pharmacies

Initial Appeals Process (Reimbursement) 0780-01-95

The initial appeal process is available for all prescription drugs or devices in Tennessee for which a pharmacy alleges it did not receive its actual cost. The pharmacy must file an initial appeal within seven (7) business days of claim submission for reimbursement. Upon receipt of all required information, SlateRx will review and make a final determination within (7) seven business days. If SlateRx fails to comply with applicable timing and notice requirements, initial appeal shall be resolved in favor of the pharmacy. If a pharmacy fails to comply with applicable timing requirements, SlateRx may deny the initial appeal. Pharmacy is required to submit the name and contact information of the wholesaler or manufacturer from which the pharmacy purchased the drug or medical product or device.

TN Pharmacy Reimbursement Appeal Form can be found here.