It’s time to drop the legacy model and consider a new pharmacy benefit experience.

Challenges Solved


Growing Expenses

Pharmacy benefits make up 33% of all healthcare spending and continue to grow faster than everything else


Knowledge Gap

Pharmacy benefits are the most frequently used, yet the least well understood


Lack of Control

A negative member experience often gets blamed on the plan sponsor – unfairly



Misaligned incentives between PBMs and plan sponsors result in mistrust and unnecessary spending

Your Plan, Your Way

We’ll work with you to deliver your ideal plan while providing clear insights into everything from pricing to best practices.


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by SlateRx

Typical Pharmacy Benefit Administrator (PBA)

Typical Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)

Lowest net cost formulary

Flexible plan design

Contracts that protect you from adverse market events

Effective utilization management protocols

Standard offering includes customized services and programs

Access to market leading pricing

Transparency and disclosure into your drug rebate savings

Numbers People & People People

We live and breathe pharmacy benefits. We’re driven by a belief that those who deliver and receive care must be protected, and we’ll never stop looking for the next opportunity to deliver you more savings.

  • Better budget predictability
  • Easy-to-read reports that clearly outline real savings opportunities
  • Ongoing, informative updates for key stakeholders