Creating a new pharmacy benefit experience for plan sponsors

At SlateRx, the PBX model gives you visibility into your spending without the unnecessary complexity. We’ll get you the information and insights you need while speaking your language at every step. No confusing jargon or endless acronyms.

A Revolution in Healthcare

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We Know Your Unique Needs


Employers + Coalitions

Customizing solutions that align with the unique healthcare needs of your workforce is key. Cost containment, efficient prescription drug management, and tools for employee engagement reflect a focus on both fiscal responsibility and employee well-being.


Labor Unions

Prioritizing both care and cost effectiveness helps you provide your members with the benefits they deserve. We understand the importance of transparent communication and collaboration with union leadership to ensure the best interests of union members are met.


Public Sector

Balancing cost-effectiveness with essential healthcare services for diverse populations is critical. We understand public sector requirements, ensure your plan meets those needs, and give you transparency in pricing, formulary management, and data.


Health Systems

Offering you control, flexibility, and transparency to align your plan with your in-house assets and ensure optimization of your pharmacy benefit. Integration with your infrastructure allows you to design your plan with your health system in mind.

The Best Member Benefits Start Here


Recruiting + Retention

Ensuring your employees get the benefits they want without any disruption in coverage, boosts retention and attracts new hires.



We provide a better member experience and deliver efficient solutions that maximize your valuable resources.



We put you in control and have the flexibility to change when the needs of your plan change.



A true, transparent view of your data means you clearly see the needs of your membership and your PBM is aligned with your plan.

Case Studies

High-performing pharmacy programs that move the needle in a meaningful way

Industry : Financial Institution

Immediate Plan Savings for 2,000 Covered Lives


  • 2K covered lives
  • Undergoing acquisition
  • Engaging with employees was a top priority

Protecting plan members and the sponsors who pay for their care

We’re on a mission to deliver efficient programs for all. How? To start, we eliminate all the unnecessary complexity that is everywhere in pharmacy benefits.

We’ll always prioritize the most clinically sound, cost-effective treatments to benefit plan sponsors and members.

We’ll work tirelessly to ensure members get the medications they need at the best possible price. No smoke and mirrors, just dedication to delivering the best benefits.