It’s Time to Take Control

We’ve been listening to what employers, plan sponsors, and brokers have long been saying about traditional pharmacy benefit management—it’s time for something new. At SlateRx, we offer a new pharmacy benefit experience—PBX—that puts you in control.


Management + Administration

Concierge-Level Service and Support

SlateRx experts will help you manage your plan to make sure you and your members are protected, and to improve your financial outcomes.


Control + Autonomy

Your Data, Our Expert Advice

Gain access to all your data and valuable market benchmarks with our intuitive tools. We’ll help you understand the details that count and save you money without sacrificing satisfaction or coverage.


Member Experience

Benefits Your Members Deserve

With our dedicated, 24/7 customer support, you can count on getting help from real people who understand your benefits.

Every time you interact with SlateRx, we’ll make sure it’s easy to find the right answer and we’ll speak your language. No industry jargon or confusing acronyms.


Flexibility + Innovation

Custom Programs at Little to No Cost

Configurable SlateRx model with unique innovative programs across formulary, clinical, and more.

Completely voluntary and offered at little to no cost.


Financial Value

Save 15% on Day One*

The PBX approach offers market-leading pricing which delivers at least 15% savings, on average, based on pure unit costs.

*Individual plan results may vary based on plan sponsor claims experience.