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We’re rethinking legacy pharmacy benefit models and are committed to helping you deliver the reliable and high-performing results your clients deserve. Report more good news and remain in control with SlateRx.

A collaborative approach to pharmacy benefits that puts you and your clients in the drivers seat.

Our Expertise Can Give You an Advantage

Better pharmacy benefit plans require a combination of experience, technology, and transparency. At SlateRx, we take advantage of our leverage, subject matter expertise, and strength in pharmacy operations to optimize results.

Our innovative model protects your clients and their members against the uncertainty that’s prevalent with traditional pharmacy benefit administrators and managers. Our data shows that high-performing plans deliver more value, satisfaction, and superior financial results.

“My clients have been desperately looking for a solution that enables alignment of incentives with the pharmacy benefit manager, but without sacrificing core financials. This has been hard to find, to say the least.”


“What truly sets SlateRx apart is their customized and actionable reporting and dedicated client services team. The attention to detail and personalized service have let my clients know they matter.”


“SlateRx’s ability to leverage its channel partners finally gives our smaller clients access to the industry’s best contracts and still gets them the high touch support they deserve. It’s a win-win.”


PBX™ by SlateRx

High-performing pharmacy programs that move the needle in a meaningful way.

See how to achieve immediate savings.

The Basics

Save 15% on Day One

  • Market-leading pricing, contract terms, and protections
  • Benchmarking and analytics to understand market dynamics
  • Leverage with manufacturers to drive further value
  • Concierge service model to ensure high levels of satisfaction
  • 24/7 implementation command center to identify and address issues before they arise

High-Value Programs

Plan Design and Program Flexibility

  • High-efficiency formulary eliminates “junk” from your spend, with customizable options
  • Protection against cost volatility
  • Extensive fraud, waste, and abuse management
  • Comprehensive audit rights, including manufacturer rebate audits and quarterly rebate reviews
  • Formulary and clinical programs drive plan savings without sacrificing member experience
  • Collaboration with prescriber and patient to positively influence behavior

Unique Cost-Saving Strategies

Specialty Spend Control

  • Fulfillment of high cost specialty drugs through lowest cost channel
  • Individualized solutions for more complex conditions
  • Specialty utilization management control, including custom clinical edits resulting in less waste, more prescriber compliance and reduced safety risks
  • Opportunity to manage expensive “Medical Specialty” products (J-code)


Where high performance meets ultimate transparency



Effortlessly fulfill client requests with simplified reporting. We’ll get you timely data in the format your clients want.



Clear contracts without pricing games, ambiguous language, or moving targets. Truly no-surprise contracting.


Serve + Grow

We’ll partner with you to serve your clients the way they need and deserve.